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“One of the most rewarding experiences in my life has been starting the Keto genic diet. I have always looked into a variety of diets or pre planned meal programs that were never successful for me. Bob and The Keto Initiative inspired and motivated me to start the ketogenic diet and educated me on how it can change my life. The Keto genic diet is not just about weight loss but many health benefits overall as well. In January 2019 I started Keto because I had not lost the 10 extra pounds of “baby weight” from my now 6 year old. I am 5’10 and weighed 168 (so I was in the “normal” range for height and weight).

After 2 months of The Keto Initiative’s help and guidance I lost 15 pounds. It has been a year and I now think of Keto as a lifestyle-not a diet. I go up and down about 5lbs but have consistently kept the extra weight off. Bob and his team supplied me with all the tools, recipes and advice I needed to get started. Not only am I more confident but also happier and more motivated to stay active and educated on my health. Thank you Keto Initiative!”


“I just wanna thank you so much for all your help and direction in my success with the Keto Diet. I’m currently been sticking to it since last July and have lost about 62Lbs in March just about 8 months! For somebody who has struggled my entire life with being doughy lol your help and regular gym visits, I have finally lost weight I had just accepted I would never lose! thank you so much for all your help! here’s to keeping at it!”


“I have a disease called Lipedema which leads to abnormal lower body fat which is very resistant to diet and exercise. To say that it has been impossible for me to lose weight is an understatement. I have been on one diet or another for decades. I have tried them all including Keto without success– until Robert Schneeberger became my Keto Coach. He was able to push me forward and help me trust the science of keto. Under his direction I lost 30 pounds and have been able to maintain the loss. This is truly a miracle for me! “


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