Mastering a Ketogenic Lifestyle

How to be successful with the Keto Diet

Robert Schneeberger – Founder & Ketogenic Lifestyle Expert and Coach

What is a Ketogenic Lifestyle?

If you haven’t noticed already, many people are nowadays making significant changes in their diets. People just don’t take the usual carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamin combinations as their everyday diet anymore. 

One of the well-established dieting plans is the ketogenic lifestyle. A ketogenic lifestyle is simply a lifestyle that involves the consumption of a low-carb high-fat diet. Currently, more than 20 studies have proved that a ketogenic lifestyle is appropriate for weight loss.

 Besides weight loss, the ketogenic lifestyle has several other benefits against most chronic illnesses and degenerative disorders of the brain. But how exactly does the ketogenic lifestyle work?

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Personal Experience

I know what works

I’m a Type 1 diabetic, was overweight and on insulin. Not only have lost the weight with a Keto lifestyle, but I no longer take insulin. 

That’s right, I’m able to control my Type 1 Diabetes with my diet. Not only am I healthier and have more energy – I’m saving hundreds of dollars each month by not being reliant on insulin.

I’ve helped so many people lose the weight and keep it off by providing them delicious, creative recipes and being a Keto lifestyle accountability coach.

Keto Initiative Introduction

Learn a little bit mor about living the Keto lifestyle

See how a Keto lifestyle can help with various diseases.

One of the most rewarding experiences in my life has been starting the Keto genic diet. I have always looked into a variety of diets or pre planned meal programs that were never successful for me. Bob and The Keto Initiative inspired and motivated me to start the ketogenic diet and educated me on how it can change my life. The Keto genic diet is not just about weight loss but many health benefits overall as well. In January 2019 I started Keto because I had not lost the 10 extra pounds of “baby weight” from my now 6 year old. I am 5’10 and weighed 168 (so I was in the “normal” range for height and weight).

After 2 months of The Keto Initiative’s help and guidance I lost 15 pounds. It has been a year and I now think of Keto as a lifestyle-not a diet. I go up and down about 5lbs but have consistently kept the extra weight off. Bob and his team supplied me with all the tools, recipes and advice I needed to get started. Not only am I more confident but also happier and more motivated to stay active and educated on my health. Thank you Keto Initiative!

Lindsey - Naperville

Protein & FATS

Protein and good fats are major components of the Keto lifestyle and with the Keto-Initiative, you’ll learn how to balance them. Too much protein turns into glucose and will prevent you from going into full-blown ketosis, which is why balance is critical to your success. Eating the wrong fats will work against you too, it’s essential you learn that there are some fats you’ll be able to enjoy and others you need to walk away from – for good.

Working with the Keto-Initiative will provide you with balanced, chef-created meals that are both creative and delicious. These tasty meals will keep you from feeling like you’re eating the same thing every day. Instead, you’ll be amazed at the variety of foods and meals you can enjoy on a Keto lifestlye!

Whether you’re like me and have Type 1 Diabetes and want help managing your weight or you’re  just new to the Keto lifestyle, I’ll help you in this journey.

As a trained chef who caters backstage for rock bands like Eric Church and the Rolling Stones, I’ve helped hundreds of people by preparing fantastic recipes and encouraging on their Keto journey.

Find out if The Keto Initiative will work for you–

contact me for a Free 15 minute consultation.