Who Should Do A Keto Lifestyle?


As much as it is thrilling to try a ketogenic lifestyle, this dietary venture is not for everyone. Nevertheless, many people are subscribing to the ketogenic lifestyle every day. Case in point, Google reveals that there are more than a million searches online related to a ketogenic lifestyle. Anecdotal evidence and various success stories are making the renowned benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle a mere understatement. But who can benefit from a ketogenic diet? What are the contraindications?


The Basics of A Ketogenic Lifestyle 

Simply put, a ketogenic lifestyle involves a diet that is high in fat but low in carbs albeit with a moderate amount of proteins. This is a completely different way of dieting because most of the typical contemporary diets are not even close to the combinations in a ketogenic diet.


The whole idea behind the ketogenic diet is so that your liver can convert your body fat in ketones and use ketones as sources of energy instead of the usual carbohydrates (glucose.) By utilizing fat, a ketogenic diet essentially burns your body fat making it one of the promising ways to lose weight.


What Does It Take For A Ketogenic Lifestyle? 

Most people have tried the ketogenic lifestyle but have failed to continue because of the demands expected of this lifestyle and the pleasant foods that you have to forgo. Here are some of the things worth considering when you want a ketogenic lifestyle.

  1. It’s hard eating only fewer carbs per day – but you can do it

One of the difficulties of a keto lifestyle is giving up carbs. Most people are used to taking carbs in their everyday meal plans. In a ketogenic lifestyle, you have to choose your diet carefully and follow it with due diligence. You will get the hang of it once you are comfortable eating fewer carbs.


  1. The repetitive nature of the diet may be less thrilling 

Since you are relatively specific on what you eat, you don’t have much of a choice and variety on what to eat. This means that you may end up eating the same types of foods several times a week. This experience may not be thrilling for some people because it lacks the enthusiasm that comes with an adventure.


What To Expect From A Ketogenic Lifestyle? 

Before getting into a ketogenic lifestyle, you should clearly define your goals. Here are some of the things you should expect during or after a ketogenic lifestyle.

  1. Significant reduction in sugar addiction

If you are addicted to sugar so much so that it worries you, you should try the ketogenic lifestyle. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a ketogenic lifestyle significantly improves the health outcomes associated with the balance of sugar in the body.


  1. You will cut down weight

Losing weight is usually the commonest reason why people may want to try a ketogenic diet. This lifestyle primarily breaks down your body fat into ketones which are further metabolized to produce energy. When you diligently follow your ketogenic diet, you will end up losing weight and retaining the body size you’ve always wanted.



The ketogenic lifestyle demands a lot of work and diligence on what you eat. The entire concept and benefits are guided by the principles of science and are not reminiscent of what you would find with other diets.


Since you are reversing the order of metabolic processes in your body, you will have to start all over again if you cheat or eat the wrong foods. Ideally, you require coaching to maneuver through the various requirements of this lifestyle. You need to understand labels and advocate when you go out to eat. The good news is once you understand the dos and don’ts you, will find many delicious foods to make and learn how to order when dining out. It is much easier for me now than when I started 4 years ago.



The Keto Lifestyle is great for weight loss which happens quickly for most people. The feeling you have on Keto is amazing – the energy boost and the internal feeling of light and never bloated. One issue with diets is the feeling of being hungry all the time. When enjoying a Keto Lifestyle, you don’t feel hungry quite often.


There has been much success in reversing Type 2 Diabetes with a keto lifestyle. It will help with weight loss and decrease your use of insulin. Everyone is a little different but this is a great approach to deal with Type 2 Diabetes. For Type 1 Diabetes this is a great way to drastically reduce the amount of insulin needed.


Look at the list of diseases a Keto Lifestyle has shown promise with. I just offer information for you to review and do further research to see how a Keto lifestyle could help you with the issues you are dealing with. We can also discuss your issue and how Keto may help aid in getting you healthy.

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